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    Thoughts on a Nickname for Margaret?

    We are pretty sold on Margaret as a given name, as it honors my mother and two of our grandmothers, but we aren't hot on it as the name she would go by. I love a lot of the nickname options Margaret offers. Maggie would have been one of my first choices, but my sister-in-law is a Maggie, so that is out, unfortunately. DH and I both like Maisie and Greta and can't decide between the two. They seem to be very different to me, but I can't figure out exactly how... I'd love to hear some thoughts on both of them and see how others perceive each name. It might help us decide!


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    I love Margaret! I would call her Margaret, but I realize there are so many tempting nicknames with this name. I vastly prefer Greta. I am not a Maisie fan.

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    These Margaret nicknames have two different vibes for me. Greta is exotic, Continental and sophisticated. Maisie is vintage, sweet and cute. Maisie may be more suitable for a baby or child but I still think I prefer the elegance of Greta (the nn Gretel may be better for a youngster).
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    I think Maisie is better for a baby and child, while Greta might be better on a teenager and adult. Either way, she has such wonderful nicknames to choose!
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    I like Meg as a nickname for Margaret.

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