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  • Maisie

    24 48.98%
  • Greta

    25 51.02%
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    How about Margie? I have a very close friend named Margaret who normally just uses Margaret or Margie. The name has really grown on me, and I know she loves it. Good luck!

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    I voted for Greta, because its more related to the name Margaret.
    Sorry that probably doesn't make sense. What I mean is, my name is Margaret, and have always gone by Maggie. Whenever people found out my full name, they'd say 'How do you get Maggie from Margaret?'
    I realize thats ridiculous because its been used as a nn for Margaret for a long time, but I'm thinking a girl named Maisie would get that even more than I did, whereas I think Greta would be easier to 'get'.
    I think that's also partly because I don't know if Maisie is an equally well known nn for Margaret. I have an Aunt Maisie, and her middle name is Margaret, which is silly, but clearly my great grandmother didn't even know that Maisie is one of its nicknames.
    That said I love both the names equally, and think both would work. I just thought I should mention why I voted for one over the other.
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    Maisie for me, Greta is too harsh to my ears.
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    I love Maisie. I also like Daisy and May.
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