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    want to change daughters name, am I crazy?

    *Any opinions or advice? Anyone change their babies name? If I still have a bad tadte in my mouth eill I ever like it? match her. Any suggestions?*
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    If you can't say your daughters name without cringing I would definitely change it. I like Vera, Leona, Audrey from your list. Maybe Lucille? Or Camille? Others I can think of are Meredith, Cordelia, Amelia, Juliet I think those are all classic and pretty.

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    I second what Hootowl said. You should give her a name that makes you happy and that you are proud to tell people, not one that makes you cringe! Some family/friends may complain but tough for them, it's your decision.

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    Both Mary and Vera are beautiful and these days Mary is striking and classic rather than plain.

    However, you say you "agreed" to Auriana, which implies that someone else really wanted it. Depending on who that was, it might make it hard to change it now (you can override your mother, but if it was your husband that gets a little trickier). Also, I will say that at four months I was still struggling with getting used to my daughter's name. I didn't dislike it, but I never called her by it (we called her a completely unrelated nickname that she will probably hate us for later in life) and it suddenly seemed weird that I'd used a name that hadn't even been on my radar most of my life and what if I'd missed my chance to use THE PERFECT girl name. Now she's a year, and everything feels much more natural. Auriana is a beautiful name, but I can see how it may not fit a tiny little four month old as well as it will the little girl she's going to be soon.

    If you need a compromise, maybe Mary Auriana Elizabeth or Vera Auriana Elizabeth. I think the flow of each works very well.

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    Aurelia, Aurora, Madeleine, Renata, Romea (Romy), Allegra, Avery...but I think Auriana is lovely, and she could go by Aria

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