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    I didn't take prenatals before the pregnancy, because we weren't actively trying. I was, however, taking Omega 3 and a multivitamin, and have been since my early 20s.

    1. I just switched to the Prenatal formula of my regular multivitamin, which is Super Nutrition Simply One Prenatal Triple Power.
    The women's multi was recommended by my gynecologist, and my OB's face lit up when I showed her the bottle of what I'd been taking, so it's well thought-of in the women's health community.

    2. No identifiable side effects. I only had 4-5 days of nausea scattered between weeks 6-10, and it was always quite mild (I liken it to subtle car sickness), but my mom had the same in her pregnancies so my good luck can't be attributed to the vitamin.

    3. I am taking 1000mg Calcium every day, and 2000mg Omega 3. Make sure you get a bottle that says "purified to eliminate mercury." Mine are Vitamin World brand. Omega 3 is vital during first tri for brain development, so they believe. Fish would be a better source, but because of mercury contamination it's just not possible to get enough fish in one's diet to have adequate Omega 3 intake without exceeding the recommended limit of mercury intake.
    Here is a mercury calculator:
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    The New Chapter ones aren't that big to me. They were smaller than the perscribed ones from the OBGYN. I highly suggest them!

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    I take Nature Made Prenatal Multi plus DHA.

    I've had them for about a week and a half and have taken them for about half the time so far (we're TTC) but haven't noticed any side effects.
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    I doubt I will be of much help in this area since the brand I use is Australian (most likely unavailable in the US), but the one I'm taking is basically a prenatal multivitamin with 9 vitamins, 9 minerals, and omega-3. I chose a once-per-day tablet over the twice-per-day ones since I am forgetful! I haven't had any unpleasant side effects to date. Also I'm a huge wimp about swallowing pills, so I just take mine in a mouthful of food and haven't had any issues with how huge they are.

    Just a note with regard to liquid vitamins... make sure you check what preservatives they contain!! My mom was using liquid multivitamins recently as she had heard they were easier for the body to absorb, but then she actually read the ingredients and they had some pretty toxic preservatives in there! Sort of defeats the whole purpose of multivitamins. :\

    On another note, my husband is also taking a men's "preconception" multivitamin. It's basically just a multivitamin with added zinc for sperm health.
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    I take NatureMade and haven't had any issues. They are pills, I've taken the same brand with my other two pregnancies as well. Because I am pregnant with twins, I take extra folic acid and may start taking more iron depending on my next round of blood tests.

    ETA: I was never able to take the prenatals for long (maybe a month or so) before getting pregnant, because it has always happened quickly.
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