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    UPDATE: Twin girls born in september... came early!!! NAME UPDATE:)

    Hi everyone! Some of you may have remembered my post a while back--I was due with twin babies September 1, and my partner and I couldn't zero in on the perfect combination! You all gave me such great advice and so I thought I would write an update post! Well, my girls came much earlier than expected! But, they were healthy (albeit small)-- my partner brought up the message board thing and I was like oh my goodness I should go on and thank them! So here are the names we settled on!
    (not sure if youremember- but middle names Arline and Joan (joanne) were non negotiable-with non negotiable spellings because of grandparents.

    Born: 8/2/2013 5:47am
    Juliet Arline 5lbs 3oz
    Born: 8/2/2013 5:51am
    Felicity Joan 5lbs 1 oz

    Thanks again everyone for all your input!!!!

    Sincerely, Tara and Family

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    Congratulations! I love Juliet & Felicity together! ^_^
    twenty, virgo, college student,
    lover of nature, fairy tales, and anything fantasy˙·٠(◡‿◡✿)

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    Congratulations! Lovely names and lovely pairing. Enjoy your girls :-)

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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your twin girls, Juliet and Felicity. You've chosen lovely names for them. I'm glad the babies are healthy!
    All the best,

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    Congratulations! Your girls have beautiful names. Juliet and Felicity sound gorgeous together.

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