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    I sort of love them, but there is no denying that they are completely bonkers. I have a total image of the parents as old-school hippies and i can tell that the names were all lovingly chosen, which i can't help but love, although they tell me more about the parents than the wearers of the name. Even though collectively they seem a bit nuts, if i met a Poppy or Lily or Daisy etc, i'd find it totally normal. I'm not a big fan of themes but i do like the idea of having something that links you with siblings.
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    They are all pretty by themselves but I don't think its a problem Poppy, Lily, Daisy and Rosie are popular here in Australia. Poppy's 79, Lily's 13, Daisy's 134 and Rosie's 319 but Rose is 66. The full names are bad but you don't go up to someone and say "I'm Daisy Yellow" you just say your first name.
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    Lily is the lucky on in that family. There can be too much of a good thing although, regardless of what we think, it couldn't bother Poppy Montgomery too much if she named her daughter Violet.
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    I would never do it myself, but I can appreciate the cuteness of it.

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    The girls' first names are TOLERABLE at best as a combo. Had it been one or MAYBE two of those names I wouldn't think anything of it. Can't stand Jethro or any of the middles names. Sounds like mom and dad spent a little too much time being Dead Heads.

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