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Thread: Beowulf

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    Okay, so before you all jump up and down and call me crazy, let me first say that I am NOT using this as a first name (though my crazy 19-year old self would!).

    However, I am strongly considering using this as a middle name. Do you think Beowulf is too much as a middle name? First name would most likely be Leonidas.

    And what first names would you pair Beowulf with?

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    Beowulf as a middle name is awesome. Leonidas Beowulf is very over the top though. He would have to be slaying dragons and leading armies into battle on a regular basis to pull it off. What other first name options do you have on your list?

    ETA: You know, I think you could get away with using Leonidas and Beowulf together if you threw a "normal" name into the combo...

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    I love Beowulf as a mn, but agree with PP that Leonidas Beowulf is much too much. The associations and all just make those two unusable together IMO. You're going to have to decide.

    Here's some different combos you might like with the same initials:
    Laurence Beowulf
    Leon Beowulf
    Leonard Beowulf
    Leland Beowulf
    Leonidas Bennett
    Leonidas Benjamin
    Leonidas Baird

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    I think the two names together would be too much. Too long, to extreme for most kids to live with.

    However, I have met an adorable little boy named Beowulf. They call him Beo. I don't know what his middle name is. He has a younger brother name Gawain (as in Gawain and the Green Knight), so obviously his family is rocking the ancient literature style.

    When I first heard the name I was like "are you serious" but it did grow on me over time.

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    It's fabulous as a middle (even though I sort of love it as a first and nn Wolfie). Leonidas Beowulf is sort of too much, but like a pp said, if it were like Leonidas Antony Beowulf it sounds much better. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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