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    Due in 7 weeks need help!

    Hi everybody,

    I am due in 7 weeks and we do not know what we are having. picking baby names has been a huge challenge because my husband and I have completely different taste! I like fresher more modern names and he likes more traditional names, mostly biblical. The only names we know for sure are the middle names because they are family names: if we have a boy his middle name will be Samuel after my father in law and if we have a girl her middle name will be Yaffa after my grandmother, which means pretty in Hebrew. Our last name is very vowel-y.

    Here is our narrowed boy list for each gender, any feedback will be very helpful!


    1. Jordan
    2. Jonah
    3. Issac


    1. Sage
    2. Sasha
    3. Sydney
    4. Nadia

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    Congrats on your pregnancy! My fave would be Jonah Samuel for a boy. Jordan has been done to death for both genders so I don't find it very interesting. I LOVE Isaac (this spelling) but it's not ideal with Samuel (s-heavy). I like the names Sasha and Nadia but they're not ideal either with Yaffa in the middle spot. If you don't mind that fact and they sound good with your surname, my fave would be Nadia. I don't find Sage very attractive and Sydney is on par with Jordan (overused). However, Sydney Yaffa and Sage Yaffa sound better than Sasha Yaffa or Nadia Yaffa. What a dilemma!
    All the best,

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    My favorite for a boy is Jonah Samuel. Jordan would be okay but it is very unisex. I would avoid Issac because of the middle name Samuel and your last name has lots of vowels.

    From your girls choices, I think I would go with Sydney Yaffa. My second choice would be Sage Yaffa. Sasha and Nadia don't flow well with Yaffa.
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    My favorites are Isaac and Nadia. Nadia Yaffa is a little A-heavy and Isaac Samuel is a little S-heavy, but I don't think it's a huge deal. I'd rather honor a relative or honor your husband's style than choose middle names that flow better. Nadia and Isaac is a super cute sibset (sibling set) in my opinion! Oh, and welcome to Nameberry!
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    I too am new to nameberry! Congrats on your pregnancy!

    For the boys, I really like Jonah Samuel because as the previous posters have stated, I find Jordan (or any other variant of the spelling) to be overused and of course it is unisex so they might have a hard time. Issac Samuel is too 'S' heavy for me and sounds quite slurred when you say it, sorry! Jonah Samuel is perfect though!

    As for the girls, I really like Sage Yaffa! I think it sounds so perfect. My second choice would be Sydney Yaffa, but again I think I have a problem with many unisex names, aha! I agree with the previous posters in thinking that both Sasha and Nadia don't sound great with the middle names Yaffa. I do however think that are beautiful names
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