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    Siblings I met last night... *Interesting*

    Last night, when camping with a friend I met 3 people, two sisters and their brother. I learned they had quite interesting names, here they are.

    C@bieri@ (Kah beer e aw) Emerald
    L@urien Rain
    P@isley Blue

    Cabieria is 13 and going to grade 8, Laurien is 11 years old, and Paisley is 8. Paisley's middle name was obviously around before little Blue Ivy Carter! What do you berries think of the names? And would you ever name your children such unusual names? And by the way, I personally like all of them.
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    I like them all individually, but for some reason I feel C.abieria doesn't "fit". I surprised myself for really, really liking P.aisley Blue!
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    I love Rain as a middle name. It has such a fresh, life-giving image, and I really prefer it to go-to choice Rose (I only like Rose as a FN) and relatively-popular-compared-to-Rain Wren.

    I also really like Emerald. I would have used it up front as a refreshing change from Emma/Emily. Ruby is very very popular here, but I've never met an Emerald.

    I'm not as fond of Blue as I am of other colour names (my favourite colour names aside from Emerald are Hazel, Violet, Lilac, Saffron, Magnolia, Cerise, and Marigold) but it's not surprising as blue is about my least favourite colour.

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    I like the middle names, but the first names are pretty bleh.

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    Not a fan of the first names at all. The middles I think are fine. Also, I find myself wondering which one is the boy.

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