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    Middle Name Help

    Hi everyone Im a newbie here and I love talking about baby names. I am currently ttc and so names are always on my mind. Although I will admit I change my mind all the time lol. My husband and I rarely agree on names so we decided he could pick the first name if its a boy and I can pick the first name if its a girl. However we are given veto power if its really bad. Anyways to the point James has picked out the name Nolan which I absolutely love! (He heard it on a tv show he likes to watch lol) Anyways Im not sure what to do about a middle name for it so far the top is Nolan James after my husband but I'd rather not use it since its such a common name.

    Also I have the little girl name Luna picked out James is on the fence on whether he likes it or not and again Im having a hard time with the middle name. I like Luna Melinda (Melinda is my mothers first name) The problem I see with this name is I know it would most likely hurt my husbands mothers feelings and even with a future child I would not use her name on another girl if I had one because her name is Shari and I dont really like it.

    Sooo Suggestions or opinions for Luna; Luna Melinda ( I do really like the sound of the middle name ending in an a)

    Suggestions/opinions on Nolan; Nolan James

    Other names I like to give you an idea of my taste
    Asher Mattaeus (Will use in the future if we have two boys
    Adalaya I vetoed
    Lola husband vetoed
    Lyle husband vetoed
    Iona I vetoed

    p.s Sorry for being so long winded...ops: Also last name is

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    Nolan James is really nice and flows well... Unless you plan on calling him James, I wouldn't really worry about it being too common of a name. If that is going to bother you though, maybe your husbands middle name could work with Nolan... Or maybe using your father or his fathers name as the middle... (Just from what it looks like, you'd like to use a family name as middles??)

    Luna Melinda is a little tongue tie-y for me, but it looks beautiful written out. If you are worried about your mother in laws feelings with a possible future little sister for Luna, you could make work her middle name in for the middle name of that child?

    But if those options don't work for middle names (especially girl middle names) and you're worried about hurt feelings, might be best to not use family names...
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    I actually really love Nolan James. I love that you'd be honoring your DH in such a way. And it sounds really good together. Since Nolan isn't that popular, I wouldn't worry about the popularity of James.

    But some other ideas:

    Nolan Reed
    Nolan Martin
    Nolan Donnelly
    Nolan Remy
    Nolan Julian

    As for Luna...I'd probably avoid a middle name that uses another L and another A...might be a bit clunky.

    Some ideas:

    Luna Aurora
    Luna Mae
    Luna Rae
    Luna Grace
    Luna Esperanza
    Luna Evangeline (okay, I know this breaks my own rule, but I like the name)
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    I love Nolan James, it's a very handsome name combo. And, surprisingly, I really like Luna Melinda. I think it has a really pretty flow to it, the kind of name that just rolls off of the tongue.

    Maybe instead of using Shari you could use another name that sounds similar or starts with a similar sound? What do you think of Shannon, Shay, Sharon, or Shiloh? Or you could ask your MIL what her middle name is and see if you like that better, or maybe try to incorporate her maiden name.

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    Thank you all for the positive feedback on Nolan James I am happy you all like it! Esswei I am glad that you thought Luna Melinda has good flow I like that both names to my knowledge are latin and I think together they are pleasing where in general Im not a fan of Melinda.
    veequiles Thanks when it comes down to it Im about 99% sure its going to hurt her feeling and if I have another girl and dont name it after her that will just make it so much worse. So I just need to decide if its worth hurting her feelings or if I should pick a different mn or as
    esswei suggested find a variant of Shari that I can live with. Yreynolds Im ecstatic that I see Evangaline on your suggestions I love that name so much. I think it would be a lovely mn and Ill defiantly ask my dh though he did veto it for a first name. : (

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