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    Need help with naming Baby Girl #2

    Just found out we are expecting another girl! Our daughter is Norah Luna (last name is one syllable, beginning with letter G). We have decided on Eve for baby #2 but are clueless as to a middle name. We are trying for something with at least 2 syllables, and in a similar tone/feeling/sound as Luna. All suggestions are welcome! TIA!

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    grecianern Guest
    just a thought...

    What about Eve Estella?

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    Eve Kerensa means Love
    Eve Joelle feminine form of Joel means the Lord is God
    Eve Eloise means healthy
    Eve Emilia
    Eve Dominique
    Eve Dore (doray means golden and has an acute over the e)
    Eve Annica
    Eve Ottilie
    Eve Marianna
    Eve Christiana
    Psalm 23

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