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Thread: Tessa or Molly

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    I love both names but with the middle names switched around (I know you said middles aren't set in stone so I hope that's okay to say!). Claire is one of my faves (my own daughters middle name) but paired with names that end in y or ie you get the word "eclair" in there.. Silly but it's Always bugged me! So I prefer Tessa Claire or Molly Wren. Tessa Claire and Maya Kate match up perfectly, with more modern names as firsts and classic middles.. But I don't think you can go wrong with Molly Wren either!

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    Molly is a bit cutesy for me. I love Tessa and like Tessa Wren, but would like Tessa Claire best!

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    I like both names a lot, but I think I like Tessa a tiny bit more. Also, I think it goes better with Maya.
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    I love Tessa but not the combo Tessa Wren
    I really like Tessa Claire

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    My vote is for Molly Claire. I love both of these names and they are darling together.

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