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Thread: Tessa or Molly

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    I love both names but think Tessa is stronger and has more options (can be called Tess, Tessie, or Tessa). Tessa Wren is beautiful. However, Molly Claire is a great combo too.

    How do you feel about sister Maya and Molly. I think it s a nice tie in to share the same first letter and the y and yet the names sound different and aren't too matchy. Do you plan on having more children? You may not want to get locked into a pattern.
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    Thanks for your thoughts... the middle names are soooo not set in stone and actually we could use some help... I do love Tessa Claire as well so its definitely an option!

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    Tessa Wren! In my opinion it is a much stronger name with a unique sound. Maya and Tessa as siblings sounds really nice together. Maya and Molly are too similar in my opinion.

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    While I like the Molly Claire combo better, I think Tessa goesmore nicely with Maya. I would prefer Tessa Claire (perfect with Maya Kate!) as I don't really like Wren.

    Even though Tessa ends with an a, I think the T needs something to soften it. Wren is too harsh, but Claire is sweet and feminine and is perfect with Tessa.

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    Agree. Tessa Claire is definitely a win!
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