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    Hmm. I think of Ned from Ghost Whisperer. Used to watch it sometimes, when I came home from school.

    Is it strange that I dislike a name, and still think it's an alright name? Well Ned is one of those. Probably just because of my own preference. And I didn't know Ned was a possible nn for Edward. Or could be a nn.

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    I love Ned, but I've mentioned it to a few people and they all say they think of Ned Flanders. Personally, I think it's a great nickname, but a little insubstantial as a given name.
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    One of my "cousins" (in other words, he's extended family) is a Ned. He's middle-aged, and for the life of me I couldn't tell you if that was his given name or a nickname, but he's a pretty great guy.

    I like it. If I were the one choosing, I'd have Ned be the nickname and something else be the given name. But that's just for myself-- and considering that I don't know my Ned by any other name, and I'm pretty sure his name isn't Edward, I also don't see any problem with it being used as a given name and not just as a nickname

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    My nephew (aged 2) is named Ned. Just Ned.

    I love it. He's a manly little dude with a quirky sense of humour and a quick temper. It suits him perfectly.

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    I like Ned. It's classic and likable. It's hard to think of an objectionable Ned. Miles above Cayden or Brycen or all those stupid trendy boy's names that make me wince. Ned/Edward is perfect. If I had a son I might choose that. A name that will fit from babyhood through old age is always a good sign. Nice balance between cute and dignified.

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