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    Thoughts on Teagan, Ashton, and Darby?

    I am really in love with unisex names on boys. And I'm not talking about the Riley and Parker style names that are super common for boys, I'm talking ones that maybe lean to the feminine side, too.

    My best friends are Aubrey, Morgan, Blair, Ryan, Samson "Sam", Kenzie, Jillian, & Jacqueline "Jackie."
    Aubrey, Morgan, Blair, Ryan, and Sam are all boys. So maybe that's where I started to fall in love with unisex names for boys.

    What are your thoughts on the names Teagan, Ashton, Rory, Darby, Morgan (this one as a middle), and Brooklyn for boys?
    What are some good combos for them?

    I currently have Nehemiah Rory Daniel & Darby William Oliver on my list.

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    I think Teagan and Ashton are my favorites out of those. Darby is also pretty handsome, though.

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    I like Teagan, Rory, Darby, and Morgan. I don't much care for Ashton or Brooklyn myself. I would love to meet a boy named Darby, I like it much more on a boy than a girl.

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    Rory is all boy to me. It's almost exclusively male outside of the US. I really like Rory and Morgan for a boy. I don't particularly care for the other names. Nehemiah Rory Daniel is great; Rory gives Nehemiah and Daniel a punch of energy that I love.
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    Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your opinions! It gives me a little more confidence in the names

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