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Thread: Eleanor?

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    Hello, I'm a big fan of the name Eleanor. I like the "regular" pronunciation, phonetically as Elinor, but lately I've heard around Eleanor pronounced as elle-lee-ah-nor. I was wondering if there was a spelling pronunciation that would clearly distinguish that lovely pronunciation from the traditional one we all know?

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    id try Ellieanor or Elleeanor which are both horrible and it leads to a life of problems i wouldnt bestow upon a child.

    from experience as that child, not worth it.

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    There is Elenore, a perfectly normal spelling alternative that might help with pronunciation.

    Edit: I should of read the thread more carfully! I'm not sure how to go about that specific pronunciation. Perhaps Eleanora would work if you don't mind -a ending. Other then that, you could always just correct people on the pronunciation of Eleanor. Nothing wrong with that! Hope I helped some.
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    Ellianor..... although I tend to read that as Elly-ah-noor (emphasis on elly), rather than your preferred El-lee-ah-nor (emphasis on lee).

    Prehaps Elly-Anoor.... Elieanor.....? Ellyanor..?

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    Elianor perhaps?
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