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    Anterior placenta and baby movement?

    Hey all,

    So I know it's later at night and that's when my anxieties always tend to get the better of me... but I'm really stressing tonight so I'm hoping to find some comfort here as usual. As of tomorrow I'm at the Week 22 mark of this pregnancy! I'm very happy and excited that things finally feel like they're really progressing.

    ...but everyone is continually asking me if I'm feeling her kicking yet and I'm not. And people look really alarmed when I say no. The perinatal doc said I have an anterior placenta so I know that means it's supposed to take longer for me to feel her... but I could really use some reassurance from a mom who's been there before. Did you have an anterior placenta - if you did, when did you finally feel movement? I've had a very tough, stressful last week or so and I guess that's making me worry even more about baby girl (ack, it's a cycle!!!). Thanks Berries <3

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    I haven't been there but I had a friend who was she didn't even know she was pregnant until 5&1/2 months she didn't feel movement until about 6 months and she was about the same build as me short average weight. She had a wonderfully healthy baby girl with bright red hair a few weeks before my first son was born. Stay positive sweets just imagine your lil one kicking a fluffy down pillow on the inside of your belly. I'm 16/17 weeks and slender and the movement I feel is very faint still.

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    This is my second time around with an anterior placenta. I had it with my 2nd and now with my 4th. It definitely makes it much, much harder to feel the baby move. You also have to remember that its completely normal for a first time mom without an anterior placenta to first feel movement at around 22 weeks. Also, some babies are just more active and pack more punch. I felt my first very early and very distinctly at 16 weeks (doctor said he had hiccups a lot). My Third pregnancy (not an anterior placenta) I didn't feel until about 20 weeks. This time around I wasn't feeling anything (with an anterior placenta) I couldn't feel much till 23 weeks. Sometimes I'd feel something, but I don't like the idea of mistaking some gas bubbles for my baby, LOL.

    I know its hard when everyone else talks about how exciting and wonderful it is to feel the baby moving. Just remember that you will definitely be feeling the baby soon and that you will have at least 10-15 weeks of kicks and nudges to come. I would talk to your doctor, but I don't think that you should worry about baby movements till around 27-28 weeks a long. At that point you need to be more conscious of a decrease in fetal movement.
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    I had an AP with my 3rd and didn't get good movements until after 22 weeks or so.
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