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    Help with naming our baby girl!

    Hello Berries,

    I've hit a brick wall and need some inspiration with naming baby number 4 (girl number 3) who is due end of October early November. We both like names that are a little out there, and not popular, with a fantasy/sci-fi feel to them.

    Would rather the name didn't start with an A, as the middle name is Alaine (after my brothers middle name which was Alan). We have a very common last name (rhymes with Bones )

    Help please

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    What are your other children's names?

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    DS is Jaric Kael
    DD1 is Kahlan Jade
    DD2 is Aviendha Lee

    The name at the top of our list at the moment is Inara Alaine

    Hope that helps give an idea of what we like, our other three are all out of some of our favourite fantasy novels.

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    Im not too good with these kinds of names, hope one appeals to you. How do you pronounce Khalan? I love jade.

    Good luck and welcome to nameberry
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    Well I can name where you got one of your daughter's names! Nice to see a fellow Robert Jordan fan on the site What are some other books that you guys like to give us something to go on? Would you prefer not taking another name from the same fantasy novels as your previous children? Or does that not bother you?

    Some names from various fantasy books that I like are...
    Gamina from Raymond Feist's books
    Gwena, Selenay, Elspeth, Kerowyn and Kethryveris from Mercedes Lackey's books
    Miriamele and Aditu from Tad William's books

    I'm a big fan of Gwena, I actually named my daughter Gwyneth and we call her Gwena/Gwynna but I'm not sure how well that fits with your middle name choice. I personally like how Kerowyn Alaine looks, but either way I hope some of those name suggestions help

    Edit: I just now saw your suggestion of Inara Alaine and I think that is a WONDERFUL name combination! Forget what I said before, definitely go with that one
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