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    Names you just don't get

    This might be a double post but I was wondering what names that a lot of people like but you just don't get.
    For me it's Imogen, Sloan/e, and Asher.
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    ^i adore Imogen (i wonder why people are so divided on this? I had a book as a child with a character named Imogen and i always liked it, so maybe that influenced me?), but I'm with you on Sloane; I've only heard "Sloane-y" used to describe someone in a negative way, so i can't figure out why anyone would want to use it.
    I have no real thoughts about Asher, other than it reminds me of Asher Flemming, the Gilmore Girls character.

    Other names i just don't get the appeal of: any -ley -lyn -syn -son names on girls. With the exception of classic names like Gwendolyn for example. I have an acquaintance who just named her daughter Ashlyn, and aside from it seeming dated to me (i associate Ashlyn with late 90s/early 00s), it just seems like such a snore of a name.

    A popular trend i don't get is the mix-n-match. Choose any beginning from column A, and an ending from column B.
    May........... see
    My............. dyn
    Kam........... bree

    Seriously, watch. Tamdyn. Kymee. Tayleigh. Maysee. Kambree. Kyler.
    They all just feel so meaningless and lazy, like their parents couldn't be bothered to think of anything else!
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    also dont get Daphne
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    Dont get Leighton, Payton and other surnames on girls

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    Lancelot. There seems to be a sudden upswing of popularity for Lancelot on board here, and I sincerely hope that this never makes its way onto an actual child. It's way too much, and all I hear is "lance a lot", which seems oddly enough like a sexual reference, or maybe it's just my college-age brain overthinking things.

    Plus, he wasn't even that good a dude. Supposed to be all about chivalry and truth and whatnot and he sleeps with his king's wife. Yeah, okay.

    There's plenty more but that's the one I REALLY don't get right now. And I totally agree with @ameliawilliams chart up above... all those names seem like a carbon copy of one another and it drives me nuts too.
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