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    I don't get the appeal of grandma names...there's a reason they went out of style (e.g., Genevieve, Viola, Henrietta, Gertrude, Josephine [ok, Josie is cute], Mary, Martha, Margeret).

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    Names I don't get: (Please don't hate me if you love one of these names)

    Josephine (SO old ladyish. It does look or sound attractive me at all)
    Beatrice (See Josephine)
    Imogen(e) (Looks like someone misspelled "Imagine")
    Eloise/Eloisa/Louise/Louisa (Again for the old lady factor)
    Agnes (Sounds so harsh and too close to "Agony")
    Tallulah/Daisy/Petal (Great for a pet, but not a kid)
    Delilah (Too country for me)
    Isabella/Annabelle/Arabella (All the belle and bella names sound more like animal names too)
    Clementine (Everybody hates Apple, but not Clementine? What? I'd rather be named Apple)
    Olive (Now we're naming our daughters after vegetables?)
    Frances (May just be because I have a bad name association, but I have never liked this name in general)
    Then, of course, there are the made up names (Kaizlee, Dezlynn, Nanceleigh,etc)

    Boys: (most of the these I don't like because they're too old manish)
    Atticus (too over the top)
    Jaden/Braden/Caden (Okay, they're kind of cute, but I can't see a lawyer named Jaden or a doctor named Caden. They're too cutesy for adult men)
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    Kennedy, It means "ugly head" for goodness sake. Why would anyone willingly call their child a name that means ugly? Same with Kamryn/Camryn. Why would you want your child to have a name that means "crooked nose"?

    I also don't get the appeal of Penelope. It's a solid name, I guess, way better than Madison/Addison but I just don't like the sound of it and I don't get why its so popular.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gummibear View Post
    This might be a double post but I was wondering what names that a lot of people like but you just don't get.
    For me it's Imogen, Sloan/e, and Asher.
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    Funny that most of my favourite names (ones in my signature) are above somewhere.. Oh well. I like them

    I have never understood the appeal for Penelope or Calliope. If I met a child with the name I would be excited, but would never name my child that!

    I also don't understand any name starting with Grey or just Grey in general.

    Of course there is also the obvious, I don't understand misspellings and made-up names. I don't like boys names on girls and I don't like gun or violence names at all.
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