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    @ameliawilliams: haha don't forget "lyn" ending. That's a big one.

    I don't get: Olive. Olives are not attractive in the least, so I don't understand naming a child after them.

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    I don't get Wren. It both looks (like wrench) and sounds bad to me (like Ren from Ren and Stimpy). Same with Greer/Grier. I also can't really get on board with Eloise/Louise/Louisa because I dislike the "weeze" sound, but at least they look nice and have cute nicknames.

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    I think Sloane picked up popularity from Ferris Beuller.

    I don't get the appeal of many of the over the top names like Archimedes, Leonidas, Aphrodite, Morpheus, Odysseus, Atticus, etc. Seems like a lot of weight to carry.
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    Greer is a last name where I'm from, so I can't imagine it as a fn, especially on a girl. Ew.
    I also don't get Winnifred. It sounds gross to my ears, though I'm not sure why.

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    Abigail, I just don't understand why it's so popular. I've never like it though, it's always seemed so boring and overused to me. There are so many Abigail's in my sister's school year group (ages 7-8). Also Lauren, there seem to be a lot of those around too, and I just don't see the appeal.
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