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    Question about 'starting from scratch'

    Just curious- when I see talk on here about throwing out lists and starting from scratch, I wonder how it really works. Is it possible for you to really toss out your favorite names or is it more of a clear everything out then see what you still want to keep kind of thing? Trying to figure out if I'm weird or what because I think if I deleted/ tossed all my lists, I'd just remake them all with the same names.
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    I've done this. Not in naming an actual child, but just in making a list of favorite names. I have my list, I like all the names, but I realize that that's all there is to it. I only like them.

    I recently did it with my boy's list. My top names went from being Torrin, Jacob, and Oliver to Dashiel, Hector, and Matthias. The whole list got a stylistic reset, and while some names are the same, for the most part it's all different. Similarly, my girl's list has gone from names like Eliette and Annalie, to Rosalia and Annika, to Helena and Valentine. If I'd insisted on keeping my lists over the years, my style would never have morphed, I'd just be repeating the same names over and over again.

    The problem with making name lists is you get stuck in a box. Especially when you're trying to narrow it down, not expand it. I think that a lot of people get down to a few names from their list, and realize that the reason they can't decide between them is because they were never the right names in the first place. So starting from scratch isn't really throwing out favorite names, it's more like freeing yourself to find other options.
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    When I start from scratch, I usually omit my top 10 (or so) and see what else appeals to me when those aren't options. Generally, I'll make separate lists for a while (Spanish, Catalan, French, Basque, etc) until I have favourites from each becoming overall favourites instead.
    If some of my top 10 just can not stay away, I think it's fair to reintroduce them.

    When it comes to needing to compromise, then what I'd personally do is have my SO write out a list of like, 30 names minimum that he likes/ loves and see what I'd have to work with.
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    When I start over, I throw out any names on my list that are guilty pleasures I'd never use, names I don't LOVE, and names my SO didn't agree with. That gives me very few to go on. I add new names that are similar from there. (:
    It's not exactly starting from scratch, but it's pretty close.

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    My process is similar to balloonsforellie's-- I have days when I suddenly realize that half my list isn't doing it for me anymore, so I delete 10-20 names from my long list, shift a few more from long to short, and go in search of new name loves. My top two for each gender usually stay the same, though. Usually.

    I also have a "Considering" list of names that are orbiting my favorites, which I mull over and revisit to decide which names are worthy of my long list and which aren't.
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