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    @sarahmezz: you beat me to it with the response to redrobin - AND i was just about to go back to my post to edit it and mention the dog hair. Ohhhhhh the dog hair!!! I give up on that front completely.

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    @cvdutch haha then pregnancy boobs is hilarious this heing my third they are slower to appear, but I did leak until my first was almost 18 months and I havent stopped with since my second not much but enough to know the girls still work.
    @sarahmezz oh I miss dog hair only because I miss my dog but there is really no getting away from it. I used to vacuum twice a day as the boys got older I gave up and only vacuum once a day.
    for the record I normally am not covered in sauce but I think we all have that day. As I just got fish stick spit on my leg..ha

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    Oh boy....well I just changed/showered at midnight while someone snoozes (knock on wood) all clean at this very second. Before that, baby spitup and leakage accented by the usual puppy furs? Maybe some coffee I dumped on myself earlier. (I'm so pretty right now.)
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    Love this post! So funny and easy to relate to!

    Right now the kids aren't with DH and I, but I keep finding little fingerprints EVERYWHERE! All over my phone and tablet, on the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and I am pretty sure I earlier today it was Cheeto fingerprints that had made their way down the hallway wall! I can only imagine what I am in for when we have a little one with us full time!
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    Splodge of sauce at the top of the bump... and a kinda oily looking stain on the neck of my cardigan from where the ointment from this weird heat rash i'm rocking round my neck has rubbed.... no leaking yet thank god - not looking forward to that one
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