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    Honestly, I would pick Lucas as the "trendy" name here and none of the others. All of the Luke/Luca/Lucian type names are pretty up and coming right now, and Lucas was #27 on last year's popularity chart.

    Popularity of your other options in 2012:
    Declan #143
    Ronan #456
    Nathan #29

    Declan has climbed about 300 spots in the last decade, and Ronan over 400, so you can see that those two are increasing in popularity. On the other hand, Lucas and Nathan have remained near the Top 20 for the last decade.

    Personally, I think it's a gamble... pick a name that might become super popular, or pick a name that you already know is super popular and has been for the last decade. For "wow" factor, I'd go with Ronan.

    BTW if you are interested in looking up these stats on your own, you can check them all at the Social Security website Popular Baby Names

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    This is hard, because these are all nice names! If you like Nate, maybe you could use Nathaniel. I love Ronan and Declan!

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    Thank you guys so much for the feedback! It was very helpful and eased my mind a bit. Now...if you had to rank the names I've picked out, how would you rank them? And what middle name would you pair them with?

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    I really like the names Lucas/Lucian/Lucius and Nathan/Nathaniel! If I were to name a boy it would be either Nathaniel or Liam.

    these sound nice as combos:
    Nathaniel Lucas
    Nathaniel Ronan
    Lucas Maxwell
    Ronan Nathaniel
    Ronan Lucius
    Ronan Lucas

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