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    4 weeks to go...need help with names!

    Hello! I'm due in 4 weeks and still have yet to come across a name that I absolutely love. We have a list of names, and I like all the names on the list a lot, but am still unsure. The middle name will either be Patrick or James (both family names) and the last name starts with an F and ends in an und sound.

    Names we have picked out:
    Ronan (probably my favorite, but my bf is iffy about it.)
    Declan (a name we both agree on, but I'm afraid it's becoming too trendy)
    Nathan (bf really likes but I'm iffy, love the nn Nate though)
    Lucas (both like it, I like the nn Luke but I feel like it's missing the "wow" factor.)

    I need opinions on name combos with the first and middle names we have picked out. I'm also open to suggestions for new first names because I'm still looking for a name that I LOVE, but I'm afraid I've run out of options. Thanks for the help!

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