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    Middle names for Hawthorne

    SO I realize this isn't going to be a popular name for everyone, but my DH and I really <3 Hawthorne.

    But I'm not sure what we want to use as a middle name.

    Some ideas that come up right off the top of my head are:
    Reid (a family name)

    Do any of you have any suggestions?

    Our last name is Reynolds. We aren't sure what nick name we'll use, but we like either Hawk or Thor.

    Any recommendations are welcome. However, we're pretty set on the name, so I doubt you can convince us to move it from the first name spot.

    ETA: my DH seems really keen on Sebastian lately. I'm trying to convince him something shorter would work better. Sigh. He likes Reid because its his mother's maiden name, but I'm so over Reid.
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    I like Thor as a nickname. It's awesome.

    Hawthorne Reid sounds the best from your two, but Hawthorne Reid Reynolds flows weird, so I'd go for something longer.

    I'm a big fan of using family/meaningful names in the middle spot, so I'd suggest you brainstorm with those, and if you don't like the names themselves, see if you can find variations/smushes you like.
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    First shortened form of Hawthorne that came to mind was Heath. I like Reid. I'm more inclined to a single syllable middle name in this case; two maybe.

    If not Reid, maybe

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    If we don't go with Reid, I like the sound of James. Gotta see what my DH thinks.

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    I like Hawthorne Reid especially since its a family name. If you want to use it, go ahead since most of the time you don't say the entire name.

    I also want to suggest Thorne as a nn. I think it has a high cool factor.

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