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    Need opinions on B/G twin names...

    I am pregnant with boy/girl twins due technically in December but in all likelihood November. Their names must fit with their older sister, Pearl. My daughter is older and has started telling people what we "think" we are going to name the babies, and I always get strange looks. We are leaning towards August James nn Gus and Blythe Susannah. The middle names are after family but are negotiable.

    If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I have also considered Olive, Althea, Beatrice, and Wren for the girl. My husband likes Desmond for a boy, too, and I am not sold at all.


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    I think August James to is strong and standout name. I personally love the name Blythe though it is a little funny on the tongue.

    Of your other names, I really like Desmond and Olive as well and think they are darling with Pearl for a sister.

    But, in reality, you should choose the names you love and not worry about other's reaction.

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    I'm also pregnant with Twins! Though we won't know for another week what they are.

    I love August and Blythe with Pearl!!!

    Not our naming style, but I would definitely stop and go a little ga-ga over those names. I think most of your choices are just awesome. My favorites are Althea and Wren to go with Pearl. And while I like Desmond, I like August more. It's all personal opinion.

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