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    Your First Impression......

    I'm in the process of updating and adding to my girls list for future reference. I have a handful that I LOVE, that I will keep there. These names below are names I've been really crushing on lately but would like your opinions or should I say your "perception" of these names before I add them to my list.

    If you were going to meet someone named _____________ (below) what would you expect her to be like?

    Tessa Marin -

    Arwen Inez - (nn Ari) -

    Beatrice Opal -

    Francine Cyane (nn Cece) -

    Candice Leigh -

    Evelyn Helene -

    Lyla Juliette -

    I would love to hear all comments! Thank you!

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    Tessa Marin - Intelligent, cosmopolitan, a bit of a tomboy, charming.
    Arwen Inez - A disciplined sort of person. Probably a bookworm and a dancer, the type who gets up at the crack of dawn to practice.
    Beatrice Opal - Extremely adventurous. A mischievous, outdoorsy risk-taker with a razor-sharp wit.
    Francine Cyane - A wallflower. The kind of person who paints their room pale green, and rarely expresses an opinion.
    Candice Leigh - An overly perky, cheerleader type. Optimistic and friendly almost to the point of creepiness. Very religious.
    Evelyn Helene - Quiet and grumpy. Extremely smart and not very tolerant of less intelligent people.
    Lyla Juliette - A dreamy girly-girl with high aspirations. A graceful romantic who smells like lavender.
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    I am imagining children for all of these names
    Tessa Marin -I love this and it feels neutral in a good way, classy but not stuffy at all. Playful & young for my tastes, like I would use Teresa or something, but it's sweet & lovely.

    Arwen Inez - (nn Ari) - Arwen has a middle earth feel to me and Inez is very hipstery. I also don't like the double vowel thing. I imagine a pixie like girl in mismatchy clothes, cute enough but I imagine sci-fi/fantasy/hipster parents

    Beatrice Opal - So pretty. Sophisticated but spunky. I love it!

    Francine Cyane (nn Cece) - I love Francine. Cece for Francine is not that intuitive which I dislike. Cyane is odd to me. Francine is refreshing.

    Candice Leigh - A bit dated, but nice. It could work on a certain girl. I would worry she would get called Candy which is too sweet for me.

    Evelyn Helene -Flows well. Both names are pretty but they don't thrill me. The -lyn is not my taste, and Eve names feel overdone, yet I still really like Evelyn. Helena is such a gorgeous name, Helene is pretty too.

    Lyla Juliette - Very poofy & pink to me.

    Beatrice & Tessa are my favorites. Lyla & Arwen are my least favorites.

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    I saw your post and had to answer because your taste is very similar to my own!

    Tessa Marin - I imagine a high spirited little girl who always has to give her point of view. She is highly respected by her peers and everyone loves her!

    Arwen Inez - (nn Ari) - Oh! This little girl loves to read fact filled books. She is inspired creatively by nature and the beautiful colors within the earth.

    Beatrice Opal - I love these two names together! They give me a victorian vibe of Love, Laughter and Lace!

    Francine Cyane (nn Cece) - Definately one of my favorites here! I picture a little girl with long dark curls, the bluest sparkling eyes and long dark eye lashes. Her skin is fair, but sprinkled with freckles. She's a free spirit, and her imaginative creativity makes everyone smile.

    Candice Leigh - This name give me the image of a very strong willed person. She won't let herself fail at anything and gives the best advice to her friends. (I don't consider this dated at all and I love the nn Candi for this name.....just my opinion)

    Evelyn Helene - Another one of my very strong favorites here! I see this child as a happy girl that loves to sing! Her hair is strawberry blonde and her eyes are the purest hazel. She makes friends very easily and doesn't care what people think. She is her own person.

    Lyla Juliette - I see this name for a very brainy....but girly girl. She is awkward at sports but a genius when it comes to playing the harp. Her flair for fashion puts Tyra to shame. She will be the inspiration for the scientific breakthrough for the fountain of youth!

    If it were me I'd add them all to the list. Very good choices here, great job!
    Mama to the Beautiful - Evelyn Francine Alia and the Handsome Isaac Francis Azriel

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    Tessa Marin - This girl might be a bit tomboyish and athletic. She may have a tendency to be rebellious.

    Arwen Inez - (nn Ari) - I see this girl as bookish and quiet. Her hair back in a ponytail and dark thick glasses. Arwen doesn't have a lot of friends because she has trouble approaching people.

    Beatrice Opal - Beatrice is a bit snooty. She comes from a wealthier family and is a bully to the lower class girls.

    Francine Cyane (nn Cece) - I would think this girl has a pretty face. She likes to dress very feminine and her favorite color is blue. She might be a model or fashion designer someday. She yearns to live in Paris.

    Candice Leigh - I see this girl as outspoken and sure of herself. She enters every competition with a lot of confidence and maturity.

    Evelyn Helene - This little girl is very shy. She loves to wear frilly dresses and play with her dolls. She is a daddy's girl.

    Lyla Juliette - I picture this girl with a lot of musical talent. She lives for song, dance and the sounds of nature. Stringed instruments are her passion and she will play at Carnegie Hall someday.

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