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  • Juno Violet

    33 44.59%
  • Iris Clementine

    41 55.41%
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    Juno Violet or Iris Clementine

    I think we are definitely down to just these two. So which do you prefer and why? Thanks in advance!

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    I strongly dislike -o names for girls.

    Iris Clementine is weak-in-the-knees-swoon-worthy perfection. Congratulations!
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    Juno I love, not a fan of Violet however. Still, I voted for Juno, she's wonderful!
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    I guess I am not a fan of Juno, I like Junia more so I voted for Iris Clementine and I think Clementine would make a great first name.
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    Juno Violet is so pretty and interesting!
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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