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    Biblical name quandry - please help!

    We are closing in on the due date and still haven't settled on boys or girls names (waiting to find out). We have 3 boys named Daniel David, Elijah Steele, and Benjamin John with an Italian surname name pronounced Uh-mah-toh. Clearly we have an Old Testament theme going (never set out to do this, just liked the names), but I'm not crazy about most of remaining OT names that are left and am looking at expanding to NT names. I like international variations of the traditional biblical names and am really liking Mattias/Matias or Matteo/Mateo as alternatives to Matthew. For middles, we are looking at Sanders or William because of family meaning. Can you help me with combos that you like using these names? On Matteo/Mateo, do you see the -o ending as a problem with our surname? Thanks for your help.

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    Actually, we already have 3 boys named Daniel David, Benjamin John, and Elijah Steele. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Also, I completely forgot to mention that Gideon is another consideration for a first name.
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    I personally don't like the o ending with the last name. Above are some nt choices that I like the way they sound with your last name

    Peter sanders
    James William
    Joseph William
    Gabriel sanders

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    I love the name Gideon and Gideon Mattias is beautiful. I think Levi or Isaac would also sound nice with the other boys.

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    I think Matteo flows fine with your last name. Also I love Gideon. I would use Gideon if I were you, but don't let the O endings stop you from using Matteo.

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