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    Eden and Adelaide aren't too close, but all the others are. You have started so many threads like this, I think we may be running out of ideas! If it's Millie that you love, use Millie! I know it's a nickname, but it's not totally unheard of as a given name. If Molly can stand alone, I don't see why Millie can't. Or what about Milla or Camilla?
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    Camilla or Millicent have the nn Millie.

    I agree with pps that they are all too close except for Eden and Adelaide.

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    I'm sorry I thought it was a page you ask for help/advice of names on.

    I do really love Millie but I'm just concerned that it wont be good on a 30/40 year old. - Camilla is unusable due to the English royal family. - I love Millicent but I'm unsure what my boyfriend will say. - Milla is cute but again I'm unusre on what he will say.

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