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  • Minerva

    27 43.55%
  • Theodora

    35 56.45%
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    One of my favorite books has a protagonist called Minerva nn Min, which warms me up greatly to the name and nickname. I love the goddess, the history, the nicknames, but for some reason Minerva has never been one of my favorites. I think it might be its proximity to the word "unnerve."
    Theodora is pretty, a little stuffy, but pretty. Theodora Mairi is lovely.
    Honestly, both are fairly equal to me. Their styles are very similar, and I feel the same about both names. I just came to support your middle name choice (I never was a fan of Minnie).

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    I like both but have to go with Theodora. I find it dark, beautiful, romantic.... I would use the nn Thea over Dora though.

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    I love Minerva. I think it's a strong and beautiful name. Theodora is nice, but I'm not a fan of feminizations. I have Minerva on my list and was thinking that Mae would be a great nickname.
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    Minerva Minerva Minerva x1000. I agree with Celianne that they'd both be shortened a lot, and while I like Dora well enough, Minnie is just perfect and overflowing with spunk. Minerva is such a gorgeous, intelligent, unusual-but-accessible kind of name. The world needs more Minervas.
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