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Thread: To boyish?

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    Yes, very boyish. I, and I think the vast majority of the world, would assume that she is a he. I secondx1000 the suggestion of Rhian. Its a little different that Ryan (rye-uhn vs. a very quick rhee-an), but it is definitely feminine.. Will still honor Ryan.. And is just a current major crush for me right now so I'd love to see it used. Sutton is NMS, and although naming someone but calling them by their middle is not always ideal in today's times, I would much rather see a girl named Rhian Sutton than Sutton Rhian.

    I think it sounds lovely.

    Good luck
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    I would never name a little girl Ryan Sutton. Everyone would think she's a male until they meet her and I would bet that at least once in her life, she'd wonder if you guys wanted a boy instead of a girl and that's why you gave her such a double-barreled masculine name.

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    There's nothing feminine about Ryan Sutton. I would pick one or the other. I can't believe I'm typing this, but I would much rather see you use Ryan. I don't find Sutton to be appealing or attractive in the least.

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    Ryan is waaay too boyish for me, but I think Sutton sounds super cute on a girl! Sutton Ryan is okay, but I don't like that they share the same ending. I don't like the suggestions of Rhian or Rhiannon for the same reason. Maybe Sutton Ryleigh/Rylie?

    ETA: I didn't even see your post @joygrisham! Great minds think alike, I guess.
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