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Thread: To boyish?

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    To boyish?

    I am wanting to name my girl Sutton but to make my husband happy iv agreed to use his first name Ryan. So our girls name will be Ryan Sutton but she will go by Sutton. Not really wanting to change the spelling of Ryan but i think it might need so girlie touch I'm a big fan of boys names on girls but i dont want it to be to over the top boy. Any thoughs im not wanting to ditch Sutton but im open to ideas prefer a kinda boyish name ....

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    I definitely prefer Ryan on a boy... I think Sutton Ryan would be better, if you choose to keep both names.

    Names similar to Ryan:
    Rhian (A Welsh name meaning "maiden", so it's a legitimate name, not just a misspelling of Ryan)

    Names similar to Sutton:
    Saffron (love this one for you!)

    Names with a similar feel to Sutton:

    Some combo ideas:
    Sutton Ria
    Rhian Sutton
    Sunniva Ryan (this is my personal favorite)
    Rina Sutton
    Ryan Sabine
    Sonnet Ryan

    Good luck!
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    Ryan Sutton sounds all boy to me. I would be surprised to find out that she was a girl.

    Though Sutton is becoming a little more popular with girls, it has male origins. And Ryan is undoubtedly boy. If using a unisex or opposite gender first name, I usually like to pair it with a gender-fitting middle name...if that makes sense.

    For example, Cameron Michael and or my friend's name Ryan Elizabeth.

    With that said, I'm a big advocate of using names that you love. But be prepared for the consequences. She will forever be called/get mail that says, "Mr. Ryan Sutton ______" and will more likely than not be assumed to be a boy.

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    I would immediately assume Ryan would be a boy. Sutton, however, I associate as a girl's name, due to actress Sutton Foster. Since according to your agreement she'd be called Sutton anyway, I'd just save her the lifetime of gender confusion and call her Sutton Ryan. Though I prefer namelover77's suggestion of Sutton Rhian, since there really isn't a doubt in my mind that anyone with Ryan in their name is a boy.

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    I don't get the purpose of putting Ryan in the first spot if you're just gonna end up calling her Sutton anyway. Sorry if it comes across as rude, but it just seems a bit pointless to me.

    Personally, I do prefer Ryan on a boy as I'm not really into boy names on girls trend. However, it's not horrible or anything. If it's what you like, then go for it.

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