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    Spotting mid-month?

    My cycle is fairly regular, but I don't track it. I just get those pms feelings and then I'm like, "Oh, I guess I should be getting my period soon." We have a 2.5 year old and while we're getting "the itch" for another, we want to wait another year to begin trying. However, we've been a little careless lately so I'm getting a little concerned and would like some feedback.

    I have no idea when exactly I ovulate, how long, what the mucus looks like, etc. All I know is AROUND that time, I get much more..."excited" to partake in intercourse, if you know what I mean. Because of when I get this "excitement," I suspect I might ovulate a little early OR it happens a few days BEFORE I actually ovulate.

    So, my period started around July 17 (Wed). My period usually lasts about 6-7 days. On July 26/27 (Fri pm/Sat am), my husband and I had sex. He did the good ole "pull out" method. We did it again July 30 (Tues). Same method. Two days later on Aug 1 (Thurs), I had some light spotting mixed with mucus. Just like a faint spot or two in my underwear. Maybe when I wiped. That's it. The other night, Aug 2 (Fri), we did it again but used a condom. If I were on a normal, 28-day cycle, I would've ovulated on July 31; however, my...well, I'm just going to say it - "horny" feeling was during the two earlier times when we used to "pull out" method.

    Can someone help shed some light and give your best guess on what you think is going on?
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