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    KS, for now

    Name the Family!

    I'll give you a description and you think of a name(first and middle or just first, your choice) for them! Sound easy enough? Here's an example:

    DW: blonde hair, blue eyes, short- Lucy Wilson
    DH: brown hair, brown eyes, medium height- Trevor Wilson
    DD: 16, blonde hair, green eyes, tall, loves shopping- Paige Wilson
    DS: 12, brown hair, blue eyes, short, loves computers- Jackson Wilson
    DD: 7, red hair, brown eyes, short , cute, loves to make trouble- Chloe Wilson
    DS: 3, blonde hair, brown eyes, adorable, shy- Brett Wilson
    DD: baby, brown hair, blue eyes, diva- Addison Wilson

    Ready? Here's the real one:

    DW: blonde hair, brown eyes, medium height, lovable, veterinarian
    DH: brown hair, blue eyes, tall, athletic, pro football(rugby) player
    DD: 14, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, medium height and skinny, popular
    DD: 14, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, medium height and skinny, smart
    DS: 10, brown hair, brown eyes, tall, troublemaker
    DS: 8, blonde hair, brown eyes, medium height, shy, cute
    DD: 4, blonde hair, blue eyes, short, funny, really cute
    DS: 2, black hair, brown eyes, short, cute, loves hide-and-seek
    DD: baby, blonde hair, blue eyes, short, diva

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

    Girls: Adalyn, Brooklyn, Brynlee, Avery, Sage, Sadie, Cadence, Skylar, Britton
    Boys: Maddox, Carter, Colin, Jason, Kaison, Flynn, Tristan, Xander, Hudson

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    Ida Winifred ☼ Freya Glenice ☼ Una Severine

    Arlo Leif ☼ Dorian Everett ☼ Holden Ezra

    Current crushes: Zinnia/Roan

    Whole list:

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    Caroline Ann Winthrop-Burns (Carrie, 42)
    Bradley James Burns (Brad, 45)
    -Courtney Rose Burns (14, Twin)
    -Amanda Kate Burns (14, Twin)
    -Cato Ryan Burns (10)
    -Austin Lyle Burns (8)
    -Lila Amelia Burns (4)
    -Cruz Darren Burns (2)
    -Maisie Lullah Burns (Newborn)
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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