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    I love Caitlin. It used to be one of my favorite names when i was a teenager. then it became super trendy or maybe just popular where I lived, so I kind of put in on the back burner. But I still like it. This is my favorite spelling.

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    I find it really boring, sorry to say. (But if it's going to be used, Caitlin is by far the best spelling.)

    I know loads of Caitlins. It's about the same era, and popularity, as Megan - that is to say, done to death.

    It's actually quite a pretty name, and I remember when I first met a Caitlin (20+ years ago), I thought it was fantastic. But now, just...meh.

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    Title basically says it all just be as honest as you can. - I like it. I wouldn't use it myself except my husband is Irish descent so it's less silly than it would have sounded with my maiden name. But Caitlin is an "easy" Irish choice - certainly more portable than, say, Saoirse or Niamh!
    Also would you ever use it? - I would, actually. I am a huge fan of many of the forms of Katharine. My only problem would be choosing which one!
    Do you think of it as trendy? - Not really. I don't think it aged as badly as some '80s-'90s names though. I always rather liked it. But warning - I like Emily and Megan too.
    Which is your favourite spelling of Caitlin? - The only one I would ever use is Caitlin. If I were desperate for a K I would switch to the related Kathleen or back to Katharine/Katerina. Also, I really truly dislike -lyn/-lynn and they ruin names for me.

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    its been over used and there are a million different spellings.

    think you can find something a lil more unique so she isnt one of a million Caitlins.

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