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    I don't mind the name. I know one person who spells it this way. She is in her late 20s. However I have known many Kaitlyn/Kaitlin/Katelynn/Catelynn's etc. As for ages, I still hear on it kids...but I also knew a lot growing up. I don't think I've ever really come across someone older than 35 with that name.

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    Also would you ever use it? No, my cousin is called Katelin.
    Do you think of it as trendy? Yes, because I'm from Scotland I know lots of Caitlin's.
    How many Caitlins' (and other spelling variations) do you know and what ages are they? Caitlin 14, Katelin 10, Kaitlyn 16, Caitlyn 3, Katie 4, Katelin 9.
    Which is your favourite spelling of Caitlin? Not to be bias but Caitlin or Katelin.

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    i like it a lot i think its cute. We are thinking of using it as a middle name because my mothers name is Katalin( pronounced Kah-tah-lin ) which is the hungarian form of Caitlin.
    I do think its a bit dated thou but that could be a good thing since all kinds of dated names are making a come back
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    I don't think it's trendy now (but it was at one point). Most of the Caitlins I have met are around my age (mid/late 20s). My sister-in-law is named Kaitlin. I prefer the spelling Caitlin as it is the traditional Irish spelling (Ks aren't used), but the name isn't pronounced like Kate-Lynn in Irish. It's Anglicized as Cathleen.
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    I love Caitlin! I feel like in America, it's dated, but internationally, it might be more along the lines of a modern classic? Especially in Ireland? I wouldn't know for sure, but that's the image I get. I like the American mispronunciation (Kate-lyn), but I also love the traditional Irish pronunciation, which is more along the lines of KAT-leen or KOIT-leen (at least, I think?). I think a little Caitlin these days would be quite refreshing. I think Kit, Kate, and even Kat would be a cute/sweet nn for it. I like the idea of Caitlin Eliza or Eliza Caitlin...
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