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    Leia Jane is my favorite!! assuming you've got no qualms about the Star Wars connection I really really really love Arwen as well, but I like it most with Jane for a middle. Arwen Jane would be tied with Leia Jane for me!
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    Well, I like them all, so I'll just add some commentary:

    Leia Jane -- There's the obvious Star Wars connection here. I think it's a very pretty name, and lovely next to Jane, but Star Wars is never going to go away, so whether you named your child after the character or not, it's probably going to be the first thing a person things of.
    Arwen Claire -- I think this might be my favorite. I think it's very pretty next to Claire. It definitely brings to mind LOTR for me, not just because of the actual use, but it has that classic Welsh sound of a lot of the LOTR words which makes it even stronger. It occurs to me that you might like the cultural connection of these names, in which case, ignore my concerns. I think Arwen's a little more fun than Leia.
    Scarlett Mae -- Quite pretty and flirty. More girly than the other two. I like it. The one thing that might be a concern with the name Scarlett is the potential for the nickname Scar. I think it's kind of a badass nickname, but you may not, so just putting it out there.

    Best of luck! You have some great options in front of you, definitely can't go wrong =)

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    I did think of Star Wars, and LOtR. Both are pretty cultural, so I think she's likely to get the occasional comment, though I wouldn't necessarily think teasing would be a problem. I think the association wil remain, but you don't mind the connection, use either Leia or Arwen.

    Scarlett reminds me of Gone With the Wind, also somewhat cultural, but far less current than the other two, and probably likely to get even less quotes than Leia or Arwen.

    Personally, I like Leia and Scarlett the best. I've never thought Arwen was pretty, though I do like the softer Ellowen.

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    I'd go for Leila Jane instead of Leia. You don't want her barraged with lightsaber jokes at every turn, and Scarlett's a bit overdone now. Still nice. but I think Leila Jane is better. And better to use May than Mae - Mae is cute but a little hicky. May is more dignified.

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    typing from my mobile, so im skipping apostrophes, etc. anyway, wow what pretty combos! id like to see any of these on a class list

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