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    twins with the same names

    So a friend of mine has 4 boys: Felix, Max, Ralph & Carter. I personally think this is an awesome sibset!

    But... Ralph and Carter are twins and their full names are:

    Ralph Carter & Carter Ralph.

    Just wondering what the general consensus on the reversing of the names was? Whether it's a cute link or whether you think it could cause identity issues? Personally I can't decide.

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    I've known twins named Mary and Molly and Sarah and Sally. It absolutely drives me up the wall. They literally have the same name. I don't like reversed names or rhyming names or names that are only a letter or two off from each other. Same initials don't bother me as long as the names are different enough.

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    I think that's really weird. Why would you do that?

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    i ACTUALLY know twins who have this..

    David Micheal & Michael David.. hehe i was like WTF when i found out their nicknames...
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    Yeah I don't like this as well. It's so unimaginative! Better than the ones with only a letter difference though (Tyler and Taylor for example). The biggest thing that I don't like about the really matchy or repetitive names is that it's like the parents are forcing a connection between the twins. Dude... They're twins! I think they won't have a problem finding a bond!
    (I also foster dogs and have used really matchy names when it comes to litters of puppies. Mainly because it is kinda funny to come up with them, but it also helps me remember their names years later. But because of this, really matchy names either in Sibsets or twinsets make me think of litters of puppies, not real people.)

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