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    Do you know any female "Juniors"?

    Do you know any female "Juniors" (by that I mean the mother and daughter have the same first name, even if the last names have since changed)? The discussion on the Amy/Up All Night thread about how this practice is less common than father and son sharing a name inspired me to ask this question. (If there are any Berries who have this experience themselves feel free to elaborate on it if you like.)

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    I have an aunt and a cousin who are both named Lillian. The family always thought it was weird--but that's more because we're Ashkenazi Jews, and thus, we only name after the deceased--never the living. I think it's doable if one of them has a nickname. Otherwise, it get's crazy confusing. I always think that I'm listening to someone talk about one of them and it turns out that they've been talking about the other one all along. It's hard to keep up.

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    I know a few mother/daughter duos with the same first and middle name but not many. From what I've seen in census records/genealogy research, the practice was more common in the Victorian era and prior.
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    I share the same middle as my mum, and I know of another couple of cases where the daughter has the mum's name as the middle (one of my friends has this as a family tradition going back a good few generations) but never anyone who has the same first and middle. I think it comes across as slightly pretentious naming your child exactly after you, both on boys and girls, but using either your first or middle for the child's middle and giving them an original first name gives them their own identity, whilst still honouring the parent. I'm not keen on the practice of Juniors at all, I'm all for passing on family names but there's so much pressure to live up to the name, especially if you end up being John Paul Collins VI or whatever.

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    My mother in law and gradmother in law are both called Colleen.

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