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    I know siblings with the same thing! Wyatt Barton and Barton Wyatt. I also know (and this is actually true) a Princess Katsalyn and Princess Katvalyn. They go by their middles, but there's still only one letter that differentiates their names!
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    I think that's a bit close for comfort with twins or siblings, but as a pp said cute for father/son. In my family, my grandmother and all her daughters share a middle name, Mary, which I like quite a bit. I'm not sure I'd do that, but I like it. (Considering using Mary for a first name, or part of a double-first.)

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    Speaking as a twin, that is cruel. I'm so glad that my twin sister and I have 100% different names! Even though we're not identical, people still have a really hard time telling us apart. It would be so much harder sharing a (similar) name.
    I know twins named Emily and Molly - it's always seemed awful to me!

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    I think it's unimaginative. Twins share so many things already... birthdays, clothes, same grade in school, often times the same gender as well, when they're identical they even have the same face! It's hard enough for them to feel like they each have their own identity! I would never, ever do this! Especially with all the amazing names out there to choose from! Totally awful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I've known twins named Mary and Molly and Sarah and Sally. It absolutely drives me up the wall. They literally have the same name. I don't like reversed names or rhyming names or names that are only a letter or two off from each other. Same initials don't bother me as long as the names are different enough.
    I agree with this. Are they too lazy to think of other names?

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