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    I don't like this at all! As a pp said, "There two different people, not two halves of one whole" Poor boys.

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    That's really weird...Haha...
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    I don't like it on twins or siblings, but I know a father and son that have that, which I think is nice.

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    Oh I feel so bad for kids like that. Like my dad's niece has five kids and get this - there are only two boys and both their names start with C's. The three girl's all start with K's and they all have the same middle name. Marie.
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    It really bothers me. Why would you name twins the same or why would you give siblings the same name. I know Michael and Michaela, Petri and Petra, Martin and Martina etc. And my aunt has for kids and two of those kids are named Miska Peter and Petrus Michael which are the same names just another versions. It bothers me even though the names aren't as close as Petri and Petra. Why can't U just give every kid a name of their own.

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