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    Sibling names "go" together

    I already have a son (Levi), and a daughter (Eva). I wasn't planning on having any more children, but here I am pregnant with #3. And while I have names that I like (Vivian for a girl, Jethro for a boy), I'm just not sure if they "go" with my other childrens' names. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    i have Bailey (B) & Liberty (G) both are eeee ending sounds!

    if i was to have another i am drawn to ee ending names.. lol like Levi for example.. lol

    but want to have names like Xander or Phoenix.. lol xx

    i av also said i would never use another ee ending name also.. lol whether will happen is another story!! xxx
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    I think they go together. Vivian is especially connected because of the v's.

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    I was actually thinking when I saw your children's names that Vivian would make a great choice with all the Vs.
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    Love Vivian! Think it goes great! I am not a fan of Jethro. How about Jed?

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