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    Need a good (preferably Irish) sibling name for son Riley James

    We don't know if we're having a boy or a girl but due in a few weeks and having a very tough time picking a name for baby #2. Riley James came much easier to us the first time around!

    We have a few boys names in no particular order - Parker, Austin, Jenson and Grayson. Girls we have three - Avery, Sloane, and Reese.

    We like all of these but it doesn't seem like one is really rising to the top of the list the way I had hoped. Middle name will be Munro (family name)

    Any help with first names would be great! p.s. - our last name begins with a 'C' so my husband has ruled out all first names that begin with 'K' or 'C' and we'd prefer Irish or Scottish but its not a mandate. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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    How about Rory, Rowan, or Seamus (which haven't been mentioned yet)?

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    Names that haven't been mentioned yet:


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    Thanks for the help and suggestions!

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