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    @jazz1509 haha! Your sister is beautifully named That's too funny!
    Name Nerd

    No kids (yet), not even trying... but, I can't help but dream of beautiful (and ever-changing) names for my future children!

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    Oh aren't husbands fun! He has to add to the list, not just veto. Maybe you can do an association game where you describe a girl and he says what her name would be?
    Victoria - Maybe you would like Vika for a nickname? Or maybe Veronica or Vera or Vivian or Violet would work? Or Astoria?
    These names are pretty and Renaissancey, they make me think of princesses. I think Gueneviere is nice.

    Names that were on the list but don't feel right anymore, plus my husband vetoed.
    Madeleine- Adalaide? Magdelene?
    Violet- Vivian, Vivienne, Ayelet, Isla, Veda, Ida, Ada, Iris
    Catherine- so nice with your daughter's names!
    Penelope- Calliope
    Susannah- Also gorgeous with your daughter's names! Susan, Shoshanna, Sabine, Sabrina, Silvia, Cassandra
    Lily- Lila, Lyla, Leila, Wilhelmina, Mila
    Claire- Also a nice addition for you.

    Middle names (husband agrees to all of these)
    Helen or Helena or Helene (depending on flow) are my favorite of this list.

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    It doesn't sound like your current system of you making suggestions and your husband giving them a "yes" or "no" is working very well for you. It is much, much easier to veto an idea than it is to come up with one. If he is unwilling to make suggestions and is expecting you to do all the work of searching for a name for your daughter, then I think it might be time to say, "look, this is my short list right now. If you reject every name on it, then you will have to come up with some alternatives because this is all I've got."

    You are not letting your child down by going about things differently this time or by taking a break from searching for a name. It really is possible to overthink the naming process and a break can do wonders. Your baby needs an unstressed mama right now, and letting a week go by without a name discussion is not going to change anything in the grand scheme of things. Names that aren't thrilling you right now might seem fresh if you give them a little space for a while, so to speak. Good luck.

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    Something that helped when my husband was vetoing almost every girl name I suggested with our fourth daughter was to convince him to sit down with a baby name book and point out the names that he liked. I used "The Baby Name Bible" and he only got up to the letter H, but it got us talking in a more productive way. It was very discouraging to come up with a list of names on my own and have him shoot down every one of them for various reasons.

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