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    Cece as a nickname?

    Hi Berries,

    I am decided on Cordelia Sage if my bump turns out to be pink. However, I find Cordelia a bit 'grown up' for a baby so will want to give her a cute nickname. I like Cordy, Dilly or Delia but prefer Cece. Does Cece works as a nickname or only if her first and middle name begin with C? I know it's a technicality and can call her whatever I please, but I just like things to be 'proper', it's my OCD.

    Other options are
    Cordelia Cherry Sage
    Cordelia Clementine Sage

    Any other suggestions for middle names beginning with C? Or should I just stick with Sage?

    Thank you xx

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    I really like Cordelia Sage! I think you should stick with it! I like Delia best as a nickname, it's short and sweet and still is linked to the name. I think a little baby called Delia would be really cute! Cece, it's alright, not really my kind of thing though.

    Hope this helps you out!

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    Im in love with the name Cordelia and i think it sounds really good with Sage so i would go for that. About the nick name i think Cece can work without the middle needing to be a "C" name. I also know a Cordelia who goes by Coco she is 6 now and its really cute on here.
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    I think it works without the double C names. People with the double C name help to solidfy the name, but I do not think that that is how the nickname originated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annadeak View Post
    I also know a Cordelia who goes by Coco she is 6 now and its really cute on here.
    Cute!! I love Coco as a nickname for Cordelia.

    If you're going to use Sage, I would not add another food-related middle next to it (Cherry or Clementine). But I do love the idea of having first and middle "C" names to get to "Cece." Are you totally married to Sage? I like it, but I like the idea of a "C" middle name better. And not with the addition of a third name/second middle. What about:

    Cordelia Celeste
    Cordelia Capri
    Cordelia Cai
    Cordelia Carys/Charis
    Cordelia Celine
    Cordelia Constance
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