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    I don't think Nessa is too 'Loch Ness Monster" at all. In fact, until you mentioned it I forgot the monster was referred to as Nessie.

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    Oh really?? Ok well that's interesting. I would think it'd be the first thing people would think but maybe I am wrong! I do love the name. And even love nickname Nessie. But I visited Loch Ness a few years ago and there was all sorts of Nessie toys and what not in the gift shop ahah
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    What about Gwinnie(short for any name beginning with 'gwin') or Nella(fenella)?
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    I love Elsa with your set! I love Sadie, but it seems more mainstream than your other names.

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    The first names that sprang to mind were Isla, Cecily, Isadora and Clara with your daughters names. From your list, i love Elsa, Sadie and Winifred, they all favourites of mine. Nellie is adorable, although personally i prefer just Nell, i think it makes a great 1syllable middle name.
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