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    Some great options here! Thanks Berries! I'll be back after I comb over it more finely but I will say:

    Benjamin is my husband's name, and he likes his name but doesn't want to be a dad who names his kid after himself. I liked the name even before I met him, but it's out.
    Solomon, amusingly enough, is my own middle name. And yes, I'm a girl. I'm not sure if I'd consider it usable or not - it was my mother's maiden name. I'd probably only use it for a boy...

    Gideon and Jessamine are wonderful! Jessamine I say with a short -min sound so it definitely counts for me.

    I like Finnegan and it reminded me to put Finnian back on my list too.

    Gillian/Jillian is one I never think of but actually really like. Each time I see it I'm like ohhhh yeah, it IS like a Lillian that isn't over-used so much!

    amydomsmom, I do like the -ines. I'm not sure they count for the rhythm but I like a lot of them, too. Caroline is my most favourite popular one, and you reminded me of my weirdest, too, Zephirine.

    Thanks again! Keep 'em coming if you think of anymore.

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