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    I love, love, love Oberon. It recently catapulted itself from my long list to my short list after I had to explain why I liked it to Ottilie (sometimes I feel like every time I defend/champion a name here on Nameberry I come away loving it more!)

    I think it goes wonderfully with August, Dorian, and Hugo. I also think Bear is an excellent nickname--it'd be good to fall back on in the event of king-of-the-fairies teasing (which I can't see happening very much--not many kids are familiar with Shakespeare, and the character isn't exactly a cute little feminine Tinkerbell-type fairy anyway.)

    I don't think it's too out there, especially with the nn Bear, but then again, my taste is very out there.
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    Yes, I certainly thought about the King of the Fairies thing, but it's sort of the same as Juliet (but more so since Oberon is a more obscure character). With Juliet, I don't know many children who have heard of the play. Maybe by the time they are ten or eleven, but by that time, I think most name-related teasing has died down a bit more.

    Thanks for the responses, they are making me like Oberon more and more!!
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    As long as you don't name a sibling Tatania or Puck...

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    NUH-UH! Oberon would be absolutely bizarre on a baby, and I can't see a real human having this name. I like Leopold, Hugo and Theodore much better from your list. And about the Juliet comparison - no one would mock a girl for having the name of a tragic romantic heroine. King of the Fairies - that's another story. And it's just a bizarre name for a real person. There are plenty of unusual but more realistic names for a boy.

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